Wednesday, 10 July 2013

24hr Tattoo Eye Colour in Pink Gold

I know they've been hyped about for a while but I finally got round to trying out this little beaut, whilst on a little jaunt around boots. I thought the colour was pretty, swatched it, liked it but my conscience and some willpower kicked in to say 'No I don't need this.'

...however, after getting home and going about with my life, I realized by swatch still hadn't wiped off. This tattoo effect staying power out lasted my own willpower, so on my next visit into Boots I headed straight for the Maybelline isle and picked it up. The price is very reasonably at £4.99 so it wasn't too much of a struggle on my post-uni purse (conscience, is resting easy).

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadow

Swatched in natural day light.

I'm not overly one for eyeshadow, I think it still reminds me of bad school disco makeup and I really struggle to stray from the cat eye flick that I have been applying for at least 7 years (seriously). I thought this would be nice for a summer day time look, I like it as the payoff as it's quite dewy and gives a hint of warmth to my eyes. I've worn it here with my traditional liquid liner but I think it would like nice simply on it's own with a slick of mascara. Need to work up the courage to ditch the cat flick first though!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Not My Type

In the wake of my Fine Art degree I'm trying to find new avenues to fuel my creative urges. Because my course was so conceptual, a lot of the things I'm drawn to are back to my old craftier/illustration roots.

So I started drawing again and in order to find some inspiration I responded to a songwriter who was looking for someone to illustrate his titles, his first one being 'Not my type'.

We haven't gotten round to doing another title as of yet, but it's a start, and something to keep my creative juices (ew) ticking over. As well as this I have been starting to make resin jewelry, but I'm unsure how successful they are yet, resin is very temperamental (and expensive) as I found out from working with it this year. So, we shall see..

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