Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nail Varnish Haul, Barry M and Seventeen Holo

So I originally went into Boots and Superdrug on the hunt for this beautiful L'Oreal Colour Riche varnish in Confetti  after discovering it on The London Lipgloss. But it is sold out everywhere. I live in Leeds and our Boots is enormous and they even had two separate sections for the sought after polish but both were depleted. Looking for some form of scattered glitter substitute I turned my attention to Barry M. And found these.

(both £2.99 from Boots)

When I was younger (16/17) I was addicted to the Barry M gold and red glitter varnishes, they made my nails look a bit Wizard of Oz but they dried rock solid almost matt and were hell to get off. And as you are probably aware Barry M seems to spoil quite quickly, it goes mega gloopy after a few months, though maybe thats me not looking after them properly? But regardless of this, they are cheap and I was craving some top coat glitters. And I freaking love them. Maybe I've turned a bit magpie with this whole glitter thing...


Rose Quartz

The Amethyst paint has tiny, blue, pink and silver glitter and almost covers the base coat. Rose Quartz however is more sparse which is what I liked about Confetti and the W.I.P Festival varnish. It has some more see through large chunks of glitter, as well as some large pink bits and tiny silver specks through it. They would look lovely either with a matching color, (so a dark navy for Amethyst and a baby pink for Rose Quartz) or a nice pale neutral color. So again I started looking for a solid neutral that would contrast the glitter. 

SEVENTEEN Lasting Fix Woo Me
(£2.99 from Boots)

I tried to find the link online but apparently it is so new it doesn't exist online yet? It's lovely anyway, I have many lilac colours but this shades just a little bit different it's a lot pinkier and it was so cheap I kinda had to buy. It fell into my hand, honest! Anyway as I was looking for another 17 polish to go with it (they were buy one get one half price) I spotted this out of the corner of my eye.

(£3.99 from Boots)

I have been googling away for weeks trying to find a cheap silver Holographic nail varnish, after being unable to find the Gosh Limited Edition Holographic Hero  other than online for silly prices. I have become obsessed with trying to find a silver version to the Blue Holographic (Moondance £6.00) varnish I have from Topshop. And then this appeared! The packaging is a bit gross, the white lid looks mega cheap but don't be fooled, it dries super fast and it hasn't chipped for me yet! As everyone says, you really can't do the shimmer justice by photograph. I tried to explain to disinterested boyfriend (via Skype, after he was like 'it's just grey') that it's a bit like a Pokemon shiny. You know where it's almost a rainbow of shimmer. Yeah..

Anyway there's me attempting to capture the holographic in all it's glory. The rest of the nails are painted in 17 Woo Me with Barry M Amethyst over the top, I didn't top coat it as I was just playing around with the colours. So that was my mini haul for the day. 4 nail varnishes for just over a tenner isn't too bad! 


  1. I love the Barry M polishes! :) XO


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  2. oo that holographic nail polish is very nice! I must of missed these in store.

    Great choices here :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing


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