Thursday, 21 March 2013

"And in that moment I swear we were infinite"

Have you read the excellent book The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky? Or seen the film adaptation with Ezra Miller and Emma Watson? If you haven't I highly recommend you do, as I love both. Me and the abroad boyfriend always sign our cards 'I love you infinitely' (bleurgh, apologies) since I convinced him to read the book on our hols. So for my 22nd birthday one of his presents was this.

Another Holographic Nail Varnish

This nail varnish caught my eye the other week when I was looking to spend a birthday Topshop Voucher. I wanted a new nail varnish as I was getting back into this whole 'glittery' thing and I don't have many blues, sooo I settled for this sparkly number.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nail Varnish Haul, Barry M and Seventeen Holo

So I originally went into Boots and Superdrug on the hunt for this beautiful L'Oreal Colour Riche varnish in Confetti  after discovering it on The London Lipgloss. But it is sold out everywhere. I live in Leeds and our Boots is enormous and they even had two separate sections for the sought after polish but both were depleted. Looking for some form of scattered glitter substitute I turned my attention to Barry M. And found these.

(both £2.99 from Boots)

I Love Lush

Since I started high school I have always been a 'Wash-your-hair-every-day' kinda girl. If I don't wash it every morning I wake up with it looking kinda limp and gross. And then by the end of that second day it is like.. mega gross. It seems unbelievable when people say they wash their hair like twice a week. Well I am sick of washing and drying it everyday. It takes up a good portion of my morning and it can't be doing my hair any good. As well as this I am going to the Mumford and Sons Stopover tour (!) in July and I dread to think what my hair will be like by the 3rd day. Apparently the best way to combat greasy hair is to stop stripping its natural oils everyday, this idea claims that by washing everyday you strip the hair and the hair therefore over compensates by creating more oils. At 22 I shouldn't have this problem, so I am on a mission to break the cycle! 

W.I.P Nail Varnish

So my obsession with nail varnish is as prevalent as it ever was. Being an art student takes its toll on attempting to have nice nails, as has the stress of a 12,000 word dissertation (I am a compulsive stressed nail biter) and so the only way to combat this is to attempt to make my nails so pretty that I try and keep them looking nice.

Not only am I a nail biter but I also have incredibly soft nails, they literally bend in half without varnish so I usually coat my nails with Rimmel Nail Care: Stronger as a base before painting. And so on a cheeky visit to Urban Outfitters I picked up these.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Darphin Sensitive Skin Expert Program

As I mentioned previously my skin is just generally not very co-operative at all. It was never great, I was very acne prone in my teens and after an incident with a UV face lamp in a desperate attempt to help my acne I badly burnt my face (and my eye! Yes my eye, I know it was a pretty stupid thing to do!) It has been sensitive ever since and prone to drying out. So imagine my delight when I in addition to this suffered an allergic reaction to parabens and my poor face was a big blotchy mess. 

And then, a Glossybox landed in my lap. 

(well not technically I did order one)

Shiny New Blog

So the inspiration to create this blog is mainly due to how much other bloggers have helped me recently. Being a girl with a keen interest in make-up and fashion and blah-dee-blah I am also an avid reader of beauty blogs and constantly search out for reviews on products that I'm considering splashing out on and most frequently skin lifesavers. Yes I am cursed with delightfully sensitive skin (following a minor UV lamp trauma, but that's another story) which is also prone to outbreaks and dry areas. After finding the wonders of Darphin Sensitive Skin Programme in a Glossybox, I have now vowed to pay my dues to all those who have helped me and post my own reviews, comments and general anecdotes in one great big lovely mess (hopefully not) in blog format. I have had a few blogs in the past (The Better You Look The More You See, and A Travers La Mer which is a joint blog between my boyfriend and I) but I have been inspired by the likes of Zoella  and The London Lipgloss to start writing about things concerning beauty as well.

As well as this it comes from a severe loss of my female friends at Uni. Last year I lived with 7 girls and all but 1 went abroad. Don't get me wrong I love our little two bed house it's definitely more chilled and much cleaner, and I do have male friends, but you know their interest in girl things is understandably kinda minimum. (Cue an the recent anecdote from one of them asking if my purse was a clutch, because he was 'trying to learn these things.') So here we are, an outlet for my girly side with an eclectic mix of art, life and fashion. I hope you enjoy.

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