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Fine art student by day, cocktail maker/drinker by night. Third year University student attempts to create sculpture whilst remaining sane. Birmingham-way born and bred, with a year spent in Liverpool and three in Leeds, I'm a lover of the North with Southern accent. This blog was started, to indulge my girly side and interest in beauty and fashion that I don't tend to share with my peers, and to give back to the community of people who are just as obsessed with make up and clothes as I am.

I couldn't really describe my style, it's a little folksy but with a vintage 'grungey' (cringe) edge. I suppose this reflects my music taste, Laura Marling and Mumford vs. Fightstar and Brand New. I own an excessive amount of headscarves and denim shorts, and I have an (expensive) addiction to Benefit.
I've had a few piercings and tattoos in my time (much to my mother distaste) and this both informs as well as is influenced by my style tastes. But remember kids, a tattoo is for life not just for Christmas and every one I have I am fully committed to.

Bloggers have helped me with a variety of aspects of my life (make up/skin care reviews have saved me from wasting heaps of money), and I am always checking out new blogs that have spurred my interests. This blog is still a baby, so apologies that the content isn't quite so vast yet. But if you've landed here then somewhere I've said something of interest to you, and that's all I really want, so let's create some conversations.

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