Saturday, 11 May 2013

Coveting... Red Wine and Rose Gold.

So if you know me, you will know that I have a very specific colour palette of clothes. This consists of, nudes, burgundy, navy, lilac, grey. Literally anything I 'ooh' at in a shop will probably be one of these colors.

I also end up with the same kind of clothes in different color variations. That polka dot playsuit for example, I pretty much already own an extremely similar Topshop one from last year in navy. It might not sound very exciting but least I know what I like!

Anyway another thing that you would know is that I become obsessed with wanting things. Like obsessed, if I can't afford something (which is usually the case) I will just think about it and think about it, until I either cave or it passes. That's how I feel about the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch at the moment. But with my current bank balance I might just have to wait it out. Oh dear.

So this is what I'm coveting at the right now..

I really want the dungarees for the Mumford and Sons festival, so me and Michael can dance around like farmers, I also just love dungarees they are so comfy and childish. Michael says I either dress like a granny or a kid. So cardies and loafers or tie dye and jelly shoes. I've already said I don't like being 22, so maybe this is really appropriate?

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