Saturday, 11 May 2013

Guilt Free Bubble Wrap

Measuring the childlike nature of adults. Using audience participation to create a final aesthetic based on the idea of compulsion. The urge to pop and play with bubblewrap prevails even through age, and ignites a childlike response to a mundane material.

I created this piece last month, as it was something I've wanted to do throughout Uni and just never quite got round to it. It involved laboriously injecting the bubblewrap with food coloring, which believe me took hours. This also had to be done in the very small space which it was exhibited as I was terrified that transporting it anywhere may have popped the bubbles.

This piece stems from my interest into two areas. One is the idea of obsession and compulsion which is evident throughout my work, the second is the concept of making art through algorithms, setting up a system or routine that will determine the final aesthetic, therefore detaching the artist from the art.

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