Thursday, 9 May 2013

My week in Instagram.

So as of late I have been very busy, what with a fundraiser to put on, two interviews for an art PGCE and a boyfriend coming home, alongside trying to create work for my degree show.

I'm nearing the end of my third and final year at Uni. And I've never been more terrified.

So. I best give you a very quick run down about what is going on here..

(from left to right)

a bubble wrap piece I did called 'measured'.. more on this later
mon petit ami home at last
my 'worth' cupcakes I created for our degree show fundraiser
my feather drawing as part of my interview
new shoes.. Vans and Adidas
a very sunny day in Hyde Park

an assortment of baked goods for the fundraiser
tie DIY (dye)
"x-ray specs"
who said romance was dead?
Nation of Shopkeepers and our table number which is no longer my age
celebration of me getting through my second interview, and me looking exhausted.
mugshot for interview records
my neon cake pops

Overwhelmed? I certainly feel that way.

Beginning to feel very old, it might just be me being pessimistic but 22 feels so much older than 21. I even hate saying it! Only 5 weeks until my degree show, better get cracking with some work!

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