Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Love Lush

Since I started high school I have always been a 'Wash-your-hair-every-day' kinda girl. If I don't wash it every morning I wake up with it looking kinda limp and gross. And then by the end of that second day it is like.. mega gross. It seems unbelievable when people say they wash their hair like twice a week. Well I am sick of washing and drying it everyday. It takes up a good portion of my morning and it can't be doing my hair any good. As well as this I am going to the Mumford and Sons Stopover tour (!) in July and I dread to think what my hair will be like by the 3rd day. Apparently the best way to combat greasy hair is to stop stripping its natural oils everyday, this idea claims that by washing everyday you strip the hair and the hair therefore over compensates by creating more oils. At 22 I shouldn't have this problem, so I am on a mission to break the cycle! 

I had heard wondrous things bout Lush's Jumping Juniper Shampoo bar, with claims that girls who suffered with greasy hair now no longer have to battle their hair every morning, but I haven't actually tried anything from Lush other than the occasional bath bomb.

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar
(£5.25/55g from Lush)
So I took a trip to Lush, and after having a chat with a very helpful assistant who gave me a telling off for stopping conditioning (apparently this can make things worse!) I came home with the Juniper Shampoo bar but she also suggested I try I Love Juicy Shampoo (£4.95/100g) and Veganese Conditioner (£4.15/100g) So I am going to give both a whirl, alternating the shampoos.

So far I have tried the Jumping Juniper bar and the Veganese conditioner. Jumping Juniper really does what people claim on the sites reviews, it made my hair feel literally 'squeaky clean' and it wasn't overly drying and of course as with all Lush products it smelt uber tasty. The Veganese Conditioner doesn't contain any Lanolin oil, which is perfect for my fine hair. It didn't weigh my hair down and it even seemed like it further enhanced a natural kink in my hair. Which never happens as my hair is poker straight naturally. I'm yet to try I Love Juicy but it smells like heaven. Like some kind of fruity sweeties. I can't stop sniffing it. 

I'm on my second day after washing and my hair feels a lot wearable than it usually would after a morning of not washing. It's still not ungreasy though, but we'll take baby steps shall we. I'm not expecting over night miracles!

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