Thursday, 21 March 2013

Another Holographic Nail Varnish

This nail varnish caught my eye the other week when I was looking to spend a birthday Topshop Voucher. I wanted a new nail varnish as I was getting back into this whole 'glittery' thing and I don't have many blues, sooo I settled for this sparkly number.


(£6.00 from Topshop)

 But it isn't just glittery. It's holographic (see my incredibly accurate description of holographic). It is completely opaque within 2 coats and it dries fast and quite matte, which I kind of like, but I applied O.P.I Rapidry Top Coat for some shine to show off the holographicy-ness (technical term, right there). I also always apply a base coat of Rimmel Nail Care: Stronger, as it makes it way easier to remove and gives a smoother finish!

I think holographic polishes look a little more subtle than glitters, but they do struggle to sparkle under dull english skies. I feel like I had a nail varnish like this as a child though, it feels a bit circa 1999. Is holographic for you? Or does it belong with jelly shoes and on Pokemon cards?

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