Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shiny New Blog

So the inspiration to create this blog is mainly due to how much other bloggers have helped me recently. Being a girl with a keen interest in make-up and fashion and blah-dee-blah I am also an avid reader of beauty blogs and constantly search out for reviews on products that I'm considering splashing out on and most frequently skin lifesavers. Yes I am cursed with delightfully sensitive skin (following a minor UV lamp trauma, but that's another story) which is also prone to outbreaks and dry areas. After finding the wonders of Darphin Sensitive Skin Programme in a Glossybox, I have now vowed to pay my dues to all those who have helped me and post my own reviews, comments and general anecdotes in one great big lovely mess (hopefully not) in blog format. I have had a few blogs in the past (The Better You Look The More You See, and A Travers La Mer which is a joint blog between my boyfriend and I) but I have been inspired by the likes of Zoella  and The London Lipgloss to start writing about things concerning beauty as well.

As well as this it comes from a severe loss of my female friends at Uni. Last year I lived with 7 girls and all but 1 went abroad. Don't get me wrong I love our little two bed house it's definitely more chilled and much cleaner, and I do have male friends, but you know their interest in girl things is understandably kinda minimum. (Cue an the recent anecdote from one of them asking if my purse was a clutch, because he was 'trying to learn these things.') So here we are, an outlet for my girly side with an eclectic mix of art, life and fashion. I hope you enjoy.

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