Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Darphin Sensitive Skin Expert Program

As I mentioned previously my skin is just generally not very co-operative at all. It was never great, I was very acne prone in my teens and after an incident with a UV face lamp in a desperate attempt to help my acne I badly burnt my face (and my eye! Yes my eye, I know it was a pretty stupid thing to do!) It has been sensitive ever since and prone to drying out. So imagine my delight when I in addition to this suffered an allergic reaction to parabens and my poor face was a big blotchy mess. 

And then, a Glossybox landed in my lap. 

(well not technically I did order one)

I'm a bit of a huge sucker for post. Ordering stuff online, graze boxes, you know that sneaky thrill when something lands through your letter box. So I decided it was time to try out a GlossyBo. I had specifically hunted out the Darphin Limited Edition FlashBox and swiftly ordered the sensitive skin pack, in the hopes it would help my face.

 Inside I received four miniatures of their Intral products designed for sensitive skin. These were-

Well done GlossyBox on value for money! Although these may seem like very small amounts, most of the products full size retail for about £30-£50 so I was very happy after only paying £10 (minus p+p)! 

I can't praise this program enough, I have been using the products for nearly two weeks now and my skin is near perfect, which I have never had in my life. It is completely clear, my allergic reaction and redness went, the skin around my eyes is no longer sore! Miracles in a bottle! As I have been using all the products I can't exactly put my finger on what did it. I'm not the biggest fan of the serum as is feels a little greasy on my skin (but maybe thats just my fear of oily products equalling outbreaks) but it does help any red faced-ness. The stand out product for me personally and what I feel does the most is the toner. So much so that I am willing to splash out on a full-size bottle when my mini one is finished (I'm half way through, help!) it is expensive but I have never felt so confident going barefaced. I actually have started to go completely foundation less to uni, which in my eyes is an achievement. 

Did anyone else receive this FlashBox or the other Darphin Box? Please let me know what you're experience was with either, and whether you'll be purchasing a full-sized product!

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