Wednesday, 20 March 2013

W.I.P Nail Varnish

So my obsession with nail varnish is as prevalent as it ever was. Being an art student takes its toll on attempting to have nice nails, as has the stress of a 12,000 word dissertation (I am a compulsive stressed nail biter) and so the only way to combat this is to attempt to make my nails so pretty that I try and keep them looking nice.

Not only am I a nail biter but I also have incredibly soft nails, they literally bend in half without varnish so I usually coat my nails with Rimmel Nail Care: Stronger as a base before painting. And so on a cheeky visit to Urban Outfitters I picked up these.

I had been admiring Urban's W.I.P range for some time, the bottles are really different, nice round pots and they apply really nicely. And as they currently have a 3 for £15 I nabbed some. I always used to only go for solid colours such as the Blueberry varnish through fear of glittery nails looking way too girly and drawing attention to my short nails. But I've recently decided to embrace the glitter, so I also picked up Envy- a lovely shimmery turquoise and Festival- a clear varnish with large red and blue glitter, and small green pieces. Festival is great, it makes my nails feel like a kids painting, as the pieces are sparse and large. Blueberry I knew I'd love anyway as I probably have many variations of this shade including Bluebell by Nails Inc and it applies opaque within one coat. Envy on the other hand is a little difficult if I'm honest, it has a kind of transparency with one coat and even with two coats I don't feel like it looks as good as it does in the bottle. But that may be due to my little nails. Festival is definitely my favorite out of the lot, maybe i'm getting into this whole glitter business?

Has anyone else tried Urban Outfitters line of polishes? And what did you think of them?

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