Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Little Time Out, Confetti Nails and Apocalips

Easter Weekend at Home

Apologies for my lack of blogging, I went home to Birmingham and didn't take my camera. I had been majorly stressed with Uni and work and decided the best thing to do was to take a week out and enjoy some home comforts. Though it didn't exactly turn out that way starting with 3 hour coach journey at 7 in the morning post night-shift. Then a train from Birmingham to my home town. Then a week volunteering as a Art Teaching Assistant in a High School. Phew! Not to mention numerous evenings out with family and friends, safe to say it was more relaxing to come back to Leeds and my little house.

Anyway I found some new things while I was at home so I better get writing!

£4.99 from Boots

I found it! 

As you may have read I have been coveting this nail polish for weeks and I have finally been able to get my hands on it! (And then get it on my hands..badumsch) Absolutely in love, I have worn it every single day since buying it (and I change my nail varnish like I change my knickers). I've worn it over my Seventeen Woo Me Varnish, as well as over Seventeen Mint Choc Chip and a Nails Inc Caramel I had lurking round, all neutral colours to contrast to the black and white pieces. It does remind me a little of Jackson Pollocks painting No. 1A?

This week I also purchased another massively hyped product from Boots (thank god for Boots Points!) which was the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Nude Eclipse. I'd seen it blogged about quite frequently and being very new to the world of applying ANYTHING to my lips (my boyfriend despises lipstick so it is worn only when it won't offend him) I wanted a nice nude natural color, something to give my lips just a bit of color and shine. Whenever I don't wear anything on my lips  (which is most of the time) my Mom decides to tell me that I look like I don't have lips... thanks for that Mom!

£5.99 from Boots

I think I was drawn mostly to the packaging, the geometric lid is just so different from any casing I've seen yet. It claims to be a liquid lipstick which I was really excited by as I'm not a huge lipgloss fan (don't enjoy the stickyness and I think the super glossy look isn't really my thing). I tend to go for really matte lipsticks but I thought I'd give this a go considering it has been so hyped, and maybe was an alternative to heavy lipsticks. It is quite thick and opaque in consistency and has a nice big doe-foot applicator, it really isn't sticky and doesn't invoke that whole lipgloss + hair + wind = disaster factor.

I am a currently little disappointed with Nude Eclipse, it looks quite tan in comparison to my intense paleosity and it doesn't always sit on my lips cleanly. Originally I was going to buy the product in Luna, but it just looked so orange when I swatched it that I was put off, which I am kind of regretting now as it looks lovely on so many other reviewers! Maybe it'll grow on me or my colour choice was a bit of a mistake, or even that the coverage isn't fab because my lips aren't completely healthy at the moment (cold weather does not like me at all). Either way i'll keep trying it or maybe I'll buy it in Luna when I have a bit of money to spare, because I really did want to like it.

Has anyone else tried Apocalips? What did you think on the coverage or the colours? 

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