Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Panic Posting

So in lieu of coming back to Leeds I kinda went into panic mode. And by panic mode I mean thoughts like-

 'What if I can't do any work in the studio?'
 'Everyone hates the work I make anyway' 

and such madness as 

'What if I leave the house and I am attacked by a giant groups of yobs!?

(I don't particularly live in the nicest part of Leeds, some have referred to it as 'The Ghetto of Hyde Park')

and other such excuses ('But it's reeeeally cold!). Apparently I had suddenly become and elderly lady with a phobia of youths today and the outside world. I'm quite an anxious person actually and if I let these black holes envelope me I just become mega counter productive. So today I decided to finally break it and actually leave the house today.

It did me some good to be honest (both emotionally and productivity-wise) I got round to asking some important questions about my work and on the way home I finally took the opportunity to take some photographs of some actually really good graffiti (possibly even created by said 'yobs'?) outside the abandoned school, that I've admired for a while. Do you know how hard it is to use a spray paint, it goes everywhere when you first use it! So I'm going to throw some cliched graffiti photos that I took today. Just because I kinda like them. 

My work at the moment is a lot about traces. The traces that we leave behind in the banal and the everyday. Although graffiti has become more popular within art in recent years with the likes of ol' Banksy and Miss Van, it is still often over looked as a mundanity. I know this style of graffiti 'tagging' is kind of Old Skool these days, but I think the beauty of it here comes from the layering and how intense the coverage is. You can't see a single patch of brick on this wall. It's covered in layers and layers of artwork by different artists all seeking to make their mark, to single out a moment. And then you have these areas that have been covered so intensely that the paint begins to crack and unveil these previous layers.

I just like the paint chips I guess, they relate to what I have been doing within my practice at the moment and I haven't really done any vaguely art related posts and I thought I would just throw one out into the world. And then maybe I'll do some others. Featuring, actual work that I actually make. We'll just see how it goes.


  1. In a time when you have no idea what you're doing with your work Fellows you just know you've got to make up a bat sh*t crazy song about what you're doing to keep you going! Chin up though! Can't wait to see what you've been up to this year. Do some studio work posts to gimme a little preview before June? :) x

    1. Ah Draffa Cakes, just for you I have done a teeny tiny post on the studio. It looks nowhere near as interesting your noose-icle though. I completely forgot about your insane mould making song. You must remind me when you are home..which is when!? x

  2. Hi ironically I found you via a fashion blog, but I do believe art and fashion are basically the same things. I really like your blog due to the fact you actually also WRITE and don't just post pictures. Anyhow really great colors and I think Banksy has done great works

    1. Yeah I think I was drawn in by the purples in the second photo. I definitely agree with you as fashion being art, I just worry in the art world a lot of the time fashion is deemed a triviality or even that art is deemed a bit contrived/pretentious? Which I think made me a little wary to combine the two on here. Thank you! I am trying to get a bit of a balance, I find I get a bit bored if it's either too many photos or too much text! Great blog btw! x


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