Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Harts + Crosses

So another item I gained this week was my Harts + Crosses necklace that had been delivered to my home address. I had a browse of the jewellery site under recommendations from LLYMLRS as she had worn some of their jewellery on one of her outfit posts, and I found this cross necklace on sale! I'm really 'in to' crosses, I know they have been a big fashion thing for a while but my love affair with anchors and crosses continues, regardless of fashion clich├ęs. My boyfriend has worn a cross since I've known him, not so much a religious thing, more being super indie in a band kinda thing (he'll kill me for saying that) but yeah he's worn one for years so he was obviously ahead of the trend without even knowing it.

Anyway, I had to have it. 

So when I got home there it was. Dad joked 'didn't know you were becoming a reverend', I clearly inherited my quick wit from him, always time for a Dad joke. The cross is quite weighty I'm not sure if it's actually stone but it feels like it, and the colour is just really cool. Kind of an off turquoise, that looks a little worn in places, I love the effect it gives. The chain is a little long for me, but probably just because I'm so mini, so I've been knotting it at the back. So far I've worn it contrasted again a midi monochrome dress from New Look, (though here it is worn with my bleach tye-dye Urban Outfitters jumper) it just gave a bit more colour to the outfit than wearing my normal gold statement necklace. I can't believe it was only £4.00, it is really good quality for such an actual bargain. There was so much on her site that I loved, but with funds low at the moment, I ummed and arr-ed and just picked my favourite. I did that super sad thing of putting a load of stuff in my basket, and then deleting it all until I could afford it.. yeah I do that a lot really. But I know I'll be back on soon (maybe when loan comes in..) to pick up the other things I had my eye on, just because it's so super cheap!

(The Harts + Crosses site is currently under maintenance but i'm sure it'll be up and running soon, in the meantime check out their twitter ).

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