Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Primark & TkMaxx Haul

Now as a lowly student, surviving on the very remnants of my loan (next loan is due next week, Monday to be precise) and minimum wage from a very part-time bar job, my current allowance to spend on clothes is next to nothing. So when realising I needed some new shoes and a blazer to go with the 'interview dress' for next week, the only place I could really justify was a trip to Primark (but maybe I popped into TkMaxx on the way)!

So I'm going to start by talking about how freaking beautiful these PaperSelf Eylashes (Rose) are. I have wanted a pair from PapersSelf for ages, I don't know when I will wear them or how, but they are just so gorgeous and intricate how could I not want them? However paying £12.00 for something I'm not sure I'll be able to pull off in the real world wasn't really ideal. But TkMaxx offering them for £7.99 was a whooole different matter apparently. I think I may try and wear them for the Mumford Stopover or some other special occasion where I can pull off novelty eyelashes. We'll see, anyway I shall review once worn. In the meantime I'll just stare at how gorgeous they are. 

The other thing I picked up in TkMaxx was KMS California's Colour Vitality Blonde Treatment. I am a connoisseaur of the Blonde hair shampoos after having had white/grey/purple toned hair for 4 years before making the leap back to my natural colour. However I wanted something to lighten up my ombre a little, and this just called out to me. I'm guessing it's old stock as I have another KMS California product (Moisture Repair) and the packaging is a lot different to this, and that is what TkMaxx is kinda all about. So I got this for £5.99 instead of like £12.00. Again I shall let you know how I got on with it and review when I've given it a trial run!

Next in Primarni, during my hunt for some formal looking heels and jacket I stumbled across these. Now I have a love hate relationship with sunglasses. I love them but they hate me. I have such a tiny head that they usually make me look like a bug. I am undecided as to what degree these make me look like a bug, but I'm sure they'll look pretty cool even if worn on the top of my head.

They are Primarks 'alternative' take on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style glasses. They are a matte black  and my actual prescription Karen Millen glasses are matte also (yes I wear specs!) so I like this, it's different. Also how cool are the little skulls in the corner. And the gold arms. Oh and they were only £2.50. I'm impressed. I always think Primark is full of rubbish and then whenever I have no money I want everything in there. Typical.

'Scuse the tags! After umm-ing and ahh-ing about the whole shoe section, picking out really inappropriate platform heels and finding shoes I liked but not in my tiny size 4 shoe size, I settled for these. Yeah I kinda settled. They aren't horrible are they? I just wanted something simple, short and sweet. I don't want to be tottering round in my interview after all! I like the colour and they wedge. And they go with the beige jacket (seen shoved underneath everything else in the top photo) that I brought. The jacket it different I actually really like it and will show you properly in an Interview Outfit post next week!

So that was my spend thrift mini haul. It's a bit of a weird mix of items I really needed and novelty things which I really didn't (flowery eyelashes and skull sunglasses) but fell in love with anyway! Together they all have a nice Spring feel about them, appropriate seeing as we have had a little bit of sun in Leeds this week!

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