Sunday, 7 April 2013

Insight into the Studio

It's only recently that I've learnt how important having being in the studio is to my productivity. It's a really important part of the 'creative process' (cringe) to be involved in and around other people who you can bounce ideas off as well as having a space of your own to reflect and organise your thoughts. 

As a request from the ever brilliant Emma of Fin De L'Histoire (a life/art/study abroad blog) I am going to give you a sneaky peek at what is going on in my little section of the studio. Not because the work is particularly secretive, but because I'm not about to bore you with a full on post on my practice.

Of course, I wasn't going to take photos of the whole studio, it's a bit rude to post photographs of other peoples work on the internet I suppose. It's a odd atmosphere in there at the moment, usually there is a bit of a buzz, people milling around and constructing- the studio I am in is predominantly sculpture/installation artists, though recently my practice has been considered to be painting which is kind of difficult for me to come to terms with! However as it's the Easter Holidays it's very quiet recently, it's a nice kind of calm but it'll be much nicer when there are more people around again. 

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